We offer innovative and different services. We rely on digitized processes to increase performance and speed of processing. When you choose Régie Romande SA, you’re opting for forward-looking processes. It’s time to break the codes.


We offer cutting-edge management services with tools allowing a sustainable management of your assets and respecting all legislation. We can, thanks to our ERP Garaio-REM, provide detailed and tailor-made reporting for institutional and private clients.

We specialize in the rental management of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.


We manage your property by floor with the greatest care. Our qualified collaborators are able to provide each co-owner with the necessary support for their requests. We study your charges in order to reduce them while maintaining the value of your building and your individual lots. Our processes allow us to opt for digital general meetings, if desired, in order to save you precious time.


Thanks to our experience, we are able to manage your projects with particular attention to the environmental part. Indeed, thanks to the new technologies proposed in the world of construction and also thanks to various state subsidies, it is possible to clean up buildings by significantly reducing emissions and also fixed costs for owners and tenants while now a controlled investment cost.


Régie Romande SA is a 100% dedicated real estate company specializing in property management services.
For other services, closely linked to our activity, such as brokerage, development, shopping centers, real estate development, etc., we collaborate with the company Kreal Immobilier SA.
Visit their website to find out more: www.krealimmo.ch
So you can benefit from all the range of services and this, with one and the same interlocutor.

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